Timeline for using profiles in mobile apps?

I really like to be able to switch profiles in the desktop app to switch between work and private profiles.
Is there any estimation when this will be available in the mobile app as well?

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Would like this feature on mobile too!

It's already on mobile

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Where do you go to switch between profiles?

It's in the config screen, you can create profiles from there. Then once there's more than one profile, there's a way to switch in the sidebar

I am using 2.9.8 from F-Droid (Android) and do not see any options in the configuration page on creating profiles or managing profiles.

How about updating and checking again?

Did not know a newer version was on F-Droid. For some reason my F-Droid client was acting up and not showing there was an update to Joplin until I cleared the cache from F-Droid app. Now I have the latest version of Joplin and I see the profile option now, thank you.

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