Time properties for RAW import

When I create a markdown file manually and import it using File/Import/Raw, Joplin creates the note with the time properties set to exactly the same values specified in the file.

The time properties are:

  • created_time
  • updated_time
  • user_created_time
  • user_updated_time

If I set these to any time I choose, will sync still work properly?

I expected the first two to be (re)set by Joplin during the import, but it doesn’t look like it happened. When I exported the imported notes, the time properties were identical to my file ie they weren’t changed to the actual time I did the import.


FYI using Joplin for Desktop 1.0.161

created_time and updated_time are application variables so you should not change them. The user_* variables however can be used if you want to manually set the time. They should normally not be changed by the application.

I have notes in a non-standard format that I want to bulk import into Joplin using JEX/RAW.

As I am creating the JEX files outside of Joplin, I need to set the initial values of created_time and updated_time. I guess it doesn’t matter what time I set them to, as Joplin has not seen the notes yet.

For any note that already exists in Joplin, I understand I shouldn’t touch the timestamps contained within their JEX files.