Trying to set note's created_time via data api

I'm just trying to set time of note via DATA API. Nothing happens. Always the current time is set. I made endless trials to set the time (f.i. updated_time) in different formats or via POST or PUT.

Is this possible or not?

The reason for doing this is: I want to reproduce the original time in my importer module.

	post = async function(path: Path, query?: any, body?: any, files?: any[]) : Promise<any>
		var response = await, query, body, files);

		if (path.length == 1 && ( || "") != "")
			var update = { created_time: 3600, updated_time: 3600 };
			await, query, update);;
		return response;


You can use user_created_time for this.

I just made the trial - it works. Known how!

Can one already set the times during post? That would save me a call.


Yes I think so. The user_* properties are user facing ones and not automatically changed by the app.

Okay, thank's. The problem is now solved for me!