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When will joplin modify the id of the note?

A problem I found accidentally, the note id exported by joplin-blog has changed before and after, when will it change?
The possibilities I think of at the moment

  • Export and import jex
  • When there is a conflict in syncing notes

Are there other possibilities? The reason why I care about this problem is that I always treat id as an immutable value. If it changes, I might have to redesign a unique value for the note.

When you import a JEX file, new notes are created so the IDs are "changed".

So will the invisible properties such as createTime/updateTime be modified?

created_time and updated_time are internal properties and they might be changed. user_updated_time and user_created_time won't be changed however.

Can I ask why not use the original note id?

If you import a JEX file twice, you'll end up with duplicate UUIDs and we definitely don't want that. I guess you want to implement some sync algorithm? In that case, you should probably fetch and update the notes using the API. JEX is for backup and it purposely doesn't preserve the IDs.

Okay, I added a FAQ

joplin-utils/README.md at dev · rxliuli/joplin-utils (github.com)

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In addition, I’m making a website to check whether Joplin’s data is correct and complete. The problems I’ve found so far include

  • Unreferenced resources still exist
  • Some attachment resources are still being referenced but cannot be found locally -- Part of the reason may be that the extension Web Clipper did not upload the attached resources correctly, but there are indeed some screenshots of notes I created that I can’t find Happening

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