Joplin Import Timestamp

I'm curious if it's possible to include a timestamp on the files listed for import when selecting File > Import > JEX Joplin Export File. As seen in the screenshot below, there's no time stamp if you want to select a JEX export by timestamp.

Below is what would be nice to see and what is shown in a file explorer:

I discovered that you can right click 'Modified' and then toggle 'Show Time' as show in the screenshot below. I wonder if this is something that can be defaulted in Joplin, or if it's controlled at the OS level.



I think this is a OS setting. Under WIndows you can see by default the full timestamp.

Thanks @JackGruber. I am seeing the full timestamp as well under Windows. If possible, it would be great if Joplin was able to default to showing the timestamp on Linux. It may just be an OS setting however that the user needs to change.

On Linux this would be down to the particular desktop environment or window manager you are using.

With GNOME you can control it yourself using dconf or dconf-editor (org > gtk > settings > file-chooser > date format > 'with time')