There seems to be some problems with the latest version of joplin on windows 11

To put it simply, the display effect is very problematic. I know that Windows 11 has not been released yet, but the last version I used is normal. Maybe the latest version has updated some framework things? (E.g. electron)

We are using a rather old version of Electron. Until we haven't upgraded to a more recent version, I don't think we'll make much headway in this regard.

When do you plan to upgrade electron dependencies? After all, macos m1 and windows 11 may both need the latest version to run properly. . .

I checked and found that there should be some problems with the old configuration of the application (I have been upgrading from 1.3 to now, using JoplinPortable.exe to overwrite the old program). Later I will try to complete the full export, import the plugin, and then use it to reset the configuration of joplin.

JoplinPortable.exe has a problem on Windows 11, there is no problem with the installed version

Not to panic but Windows 11 becomes available 5 october.
People with automatic upgrading, will they run in to problems of this isnt solved before then?

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