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I had a working version of Joplin on my Win7 machine, but not sure which version. Anyway, I "accidentally" upgraded and now it doesn't work. Can someone please point me to a exe installer version that will work for me? I have searched and installed a few different versions already today -- but no luck.

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It was 2.12.7 where Windows 7 became no longer supported due to Electron being upgraded to Electron 25.

Improved: Upgrade to Electron 25. Note that it means that Windows 7/8/8.1 are no longer supported (#8451) (#8258 by Henry Heino)

So any version before that should be OK.

From looking at GitHub, v2.12.5 was the latest pre-release before the change and v2.11.11 the latest release version before the change. You can see the list of install packages by clicking on Assets.

Thanks! That worked.

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