The wrong letters are deleted

Hello, I installed the latest version of the program, and when words are selected, the wrong words are highlighted, just if you delete words by letters, then the wrong letters are deleted. It was noticed with Russian letters, it works fine with English. Recorded video from the screen, how it works(
How can I fix this?

OS: macOS Catalina 10.15.2

@CodiOr welcome to the forum.

The editor font must be monospace for it to work correctly. That is why under the editor font family field in the settings it says,

This must be monospace font or it will not work properly.

Not using a monspace font causes the misalignment you are seeing.

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By the way, how did you get it to work in Catalina?

Thank you very much, it works.

After the first launch of the program, the window “ can’t be opened because…” appears, clicked ok. Then I go to “System Preferences” further in “Security & Privacy”, and below it will be written “ was blocked from use because…” then you need to click on the “Open Anyway” button, then in the “Open” window that appears, and that’s it the program will start. This is how I launched Joplin.

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sometimes, I noticed the same behavior between code tags.
How can we set the font to be used? With full path to font file as /System/Library/Fonts/Courier.dfont
or it’s sufficient to set only the name as ‘Courier’?

What font and how is used by Joplin if I don’t set any font?

Hi @betternote

You change the font the editor uses in Tools > Options > Appearance > Editor font family. I can only speak for Windows and Linux but you have to get the name “just right” in the Editor font family field.

Open whatever “Font Settings” utility your system uses and search for the monospace font you want to use. Then type the font name into the Joplin Editor font family field exactly as it is shown under the font.


I dont know how Joplin selects a font if one is not specified. I assume there is metadata in the font files that tells the OS whether they are monospace or proportional. So I guess this would work just like how a browser handles a css style where font-family is set to “monospace”, such as font-family: monospace;

If you are referring to code tags as displayed in the viewer then adding the below to userstyle.css will do this.

code {
font-family: "Roboto Mono"; /* sets code font - fenced code, inline code and pre - should be a monospace font */

Replace Roboto Mono with the name of your preferred installed monospace font, just as you discovered using your font utility for the editor font.


thanks @dpoulton! It’s fine now, I’ve tried many monospaced fonts and choosen the easiest to read on screen, Monaco for me.

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