The note doesn't change after edit in external editor

Hello guys, there is a problem bother me for few days. My notes don’t change anything after I edit in external editor, is there something I miss? Please point out for me, thanks a lot.

Other details as below:
OS: macOS Mojave(10.14.6)
Joplin version: 1.0.220
External editor: Typora
Text editor command,
Path: /Applications/
Arguments: (None)

How do I operate:

  1. Choose a note and press “Edit in external” button.
  2. Typora open in normal and the button shows “watching.”
  3. Edit something in Typora and save.
  4. Close Typora and press “Edit in external” button.
  5. The “watching” condition disappear but the note doesn’t change.

See if this usage hint applies for your case.