The latest iOS version of Joplin (12.11.2) works weird

  • The version you are using. LATEST VERSION is not a version number! : 12.11.2
  • If it is a sync issue, please let us know what you are syncing with. : WebDAV
  • If you report a problem with upgrading, please let us know both versions (from/to). : 12.10.5 => 12.11.2
  • If you report a problem with the editor, please tell us which editor you are using (WYSIWYG/Markdown). : Markdown
  • The operating system you are using. : iOS 16.4.1


I updated my iOS app today (new version is released in appstore today)

  • face ID runs whenever I open any note
  • so many sync error, and sync speed became super slow...

Any chance you could upload a video of face ID showing up when you open a note?

Please could you provide a screenshot of the errors in the log?

Hi, some logs and screen captures are here:

Thank you, I'll try to fix this asap. Just to be sure, do you have the biometrics feature enabled in Joplin?

Of course, so I tried to disable biometris feature to fix this issue, but I failed.. :cry:
I couldn't disable biometrics feature.

I've just released another version that should address these issues, it should be in store within the next few hours. Please give it a try then and let me know how it goes

Thank you for your effort!

I'll do it :smile:

I have also noticed some strange behavior. Not only is Face ID required at app startup, but also when opening each note. I then disabled Face ID, which did not work. I then deleted the app and reinstalled it. Since then I can't sync anything and get the following error message:

PUT .resource/
абе65: Unknown error 2 (0):

An export and import on a new server did not change anything. This only affects the iOS device. On the Mac, everything works as before.

Would be great if this is also fixed with the update. Beyond that, though, I'm extremely happy with the app and couldn't go on without it.

Yes the next version has a fix for both the Face ID issue and sync issue

Everything's back to normal. Thanks for the update!

yes, now all problems are fixed! :slight_smile:

Great, thanks for confirming!

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