The input cursor is blocked by the keyboard when editing long text (the input cursor cannot be scrolled to the top), so the input content cannot be seen, please assist
Thank you

ios 编辑长文本时输入光标被键盘遮挡(输入光标无法滚动到最上面),导致无法看到输入的内容,请协助

@s4j4 welcome to the forum

It looks like there have been a few posts on this forum about this and an open issue (#1437) exists on GitHub. The GitHub issue has been open since April 2019 and offers a couple of work-arounds. It does not appear that the issue has been solved yet.

Thanks for your help, this bug has been feedback from others for a long time and hope to be fixed. Thank you


@s4j4, as an iPhone user, this bug is definitely annoying but not exclusive to Joplin. Apple changed how they handle keyboard position and size in iOS, causing issues with other text apps, some browsers, and even a game or two.


Thank you for your answer. I have experienced the Office APP of IOS, and its solution is perfect. The input line is always on the keyboard. I hope Joplin will become more and more useful, thank you

感谢你的解答,体验了 IOS 的 Office APP,它的解决方案就很完美,输入行始终保持在键盘上面,希望 Joplin 越来越好用,谢谢