Thank you Joplin!

Initial Context:

  • I had been using Evernote since 2013.
  • Accumulated over 7000 notes.
  • Decided to switch due to increasing complexity in Evernote and its recent price hike.

Migration Process:

  • The transition was smooth, involving the import of Enex files into Joplin in markdown format.
  • Encountered an issue with broken links between notes, but resolved it by developing a plugin. (Reference: Joplin Forum Post)
  • Opted for Joplin Cloud for ease of management.

Usage and Impressions:

  • Primarily use notes with formatting and occasionally work with files like Excel.
  • Appreciate the markdown format for its simplicity and consistency.
  • Experience fast performance on both PC and Android.
  • The application's straightforward design, devoid of unnecessary features like AI for note searching, is highly effective.

Closing Thoughts:

  • Overall, very pleased with the switch to Joplin.
  • The ability to customize the app significantly enhances the user experience.

THANK YOU ! :slight_smile: