Thank you Joplin developers!

I'm a new user of Joplin and found the migration from Evernote simple and efficient. Joplin does everything I ever needed any notetaking tool to do. The sync to my phone works flawlessly. I'm sold! Thank you folks, you've improved my world.


I know, I'm an Evernote convert too. Made the switch about a year ago and never once looked back. Every time I see the agony in that forum I'm so grateful for Joplin!

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I tried to hang in there with Evernote, I didn't want or need to elaborate sharing tools or the other esoteric features that they touted. The price was simply too much. They missed my price point by about $30. It's a notepad for pete's sake. I fully grasp that's it really MORE than that, but they're selling an app not a utility. When they started cutting down the number of machines from 3 to 2 and NOT lowering the price, I could feel that iron fist around my throat and figured 'it's time to leave THIS party...' - a few hours of research brought me to Joplin. A few more hours hacking past the crappy export from Evernote and all my data was xferred to Joplin and I gave it try. Not a single issue in two weeks. GOOD BY EVERNOTE. Sorry folks, you didn't listen AND you tried to squeeze me. Only the missus gets to do THAT.

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I have been using Joplin for about 1 month... after 12 years of Evernote. I tried many other applications and my choice stopped on Joplin. Simple, efficient, and close enough to Evernote not to be lost after such a long period of Evernote.
Importing my notes was done without any problem, I adapted my workflow, and moreover I regained the pleasure of taking notes...

Thanks to Laurent and all those who participate in this project!

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A user for only 3 months, I am all with you. Joplin made it on my list of apps and applications for which I donate every year at year end, between 5$ and 50$ per app. It's not much money - compared to the benefits - I spend a few hundred every year. But it is tangible appreciation, and a hundred happy users like this make a huge difference !! You get my drift ?


@ mdouglaswray - Yup, completely agree about Evernote, although I moved away a few years ago, shortly after the price increases. I've tried quite a few apps as replacements - Bear (the layout didn't gel for me), Drafts (a lot to like, but it's Mac only and I need access from other platforms). Now Joplin which seems to fit me better than the other options.

I'd like to understand how to modify the CSS better. At the moment I'd like to reduce the separation between lines in a code block, but using "margin" doesn't appear to work. Still, that's one of those things I can work with as it's certainly not critical.