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Not able to export note on desktop in joplin dev environment

I am trying to replicate an issue on my dev environment in which I need to export my note in markdown . But I am not able to export the note . I am not getting any dialog-box or pop up which is asking for location and file name to export . I am getting this error in terminal whenever I export note in markdown .
[65742:1102/162819.338423:ERROR:browser_main_loop.cc(269)] Gtk: gtk_native_dialog_run: assertion '!priv->visible' failed
[65742:1102/162841.897680:ERROR:browser_main_loop.cc(269)] Gtk: gtk_native_dialog_run: assertion '!priv->visible' failed

Joplin: Joplin 2.5.7 (dev, linux)

I think it's been fixed by this commit: Desktop: Fixed crash on certain Linux distributions when importing or… · laurent22/joplin@6012783 · GitHub

This fix is for v2.5.10 , I am having v2.5.7 development environment . How I can upgrade my local development setup to v2.5.10 ?

Why do you need it to be exactly 2.5.7?

Realized I misunderstood the question.

Just pull the latest dev from the repo, that should be enough.

Thanks . No problem