Text wrap around image

Hello, I am new to Joplin and am having a slight problem. I would like to set up my notes to have text on the left side an an image on the right side. I used to be able to do this quite easily in LaTeX back when i used that but feel thats bit overboard for my notes.

I have been trying to use a table to do this but it keeps loosing my "format" fx loosing the heading in the top row, loosing line breaks in the text and the size of the pictures varies each time i open the note.

What i would like most if if i can have the text "wrap" around the picture on the right, but i would be happy just being able to split the space with a vertical line and then use one for text and the other for images. Does anyone know how to do this and keep the formating ?

It isn't possible to do that with just "plain" text notes because they need to adhere to Markdown even if you are using the rich text editor.

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