Pre-release v1.8 is available (Updated 10 May 21)

Quite a big release as I have created any in a while. I think the riskier change is that when installing the new version some settings are going to be moved from the database to a settings.json file. I've tried it my with my own profile and everything seems to work fine but just to be sure you might want to backup your profile folder first. Now that the settings are in this external file it will make it easier to backup and restore a profile.

  • New: Add monospace enforcement for certain elements in Markdown editor (#4689 by @CalebJohn)
  • New: Add support for higlighting text from Rich Text editor
  • New: Add support for strikethrough, sub, sup and insert formatting on Rich Text editor
  • New: Save user settings to JSON file
  • Improved: Allow registering multiple settings in one call (#4627) (#4614 by @jalajcodes)
  • Improved: Api: Don't compress image when resource is added through api (#4660) (#4655 by Nishant Mittal)
  • Improved: Bring editor katex highlight in line with renderer (#4632 by @CalebJohn)
  • Improved: Ctrl+Shift+B to viewer when editor invisible (#4537) (#2810 by Neeraj Kashyap)
  • Improved: Enforce utf-8 charset for plugin scripts (#4509 by @CalebJohn)
  • Improved: Filter "notebook" can now be negated (#4651 by Naveen M V)
  • Improved: Give plugin config section without an icon, a default icon
  • Improved: Improve mathmode syntax highlighting (#4580) (#4554 by James Wright)
  • Improved: Improved solarized dark theme (#4748) (#3887 by Anakai Richards)
  • Improved: Improved spell checking support in dialogs and text input fields (#4458)
  • Improved: Plugins: Focus dialog when it is opened so that ENTER/ESC shortcuts work (#4474)
  • Improved: Plugins: Only call onNoteChange for the current note
  • Improved: Remove branch name in detached head state (#4636 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Improved: Reset window hash to allow clicking an anchor multiple times (#4538 by @CalebJohn)
  • Improved: Save geo-location when saving note
  • Improved: Select search text input when focusing it (#4586 by António Ramadas)
  • Improved: Set keep-alive for WebDAV/Nextcloud sync (#4668 by Roman Musin)
  • Improved: Set keep-alive on http(s) requests (#4625 by Roman Musin)
  • Improved: Sort plugin config sections alphabetically
  • Improved: Toggle math highlighting in editor with markdown options (#4631 by @CalebJohn)
  • Fixed: Allow copying images from Joplin to external editors (#4724) (#4602 by Nishant Mittal)
  • Fixed: Fix mermaid diagrams in WYSIWYG editor (#4670) (#4612 by @mablin7)
  • Fixed: Fixed calendar styling (#4703) (#4397 by Harshit Kathuria)
  • Fixed: Fixed exporting as HTML or PDF when a plugin is active, and make sure plugin assets are also exported (#4452)
  • Fixed: Fixed formatting of consecutive code blocks (#4416)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue which could cause plugin views to be orphaned
  • Fixed: Fixed rendering of note and resource links
  • Fixed: Improved enabling/disabling commands depending on application state (#4473)
  • Fixed: Improved handling of empty paths for Joplin Server sync target (#4426)
  • Fixed: Make config sidebar vertically scrollable, and make it grow horizontally depending on menu items (#4491)
  • Fixed: Make plugin links clickable from search (#4548) (#4505 by Roman Musin)
  • Fixed: Plugin Update error when plugin was installed manually (#4725) (#4723 by @mablin7)
  • Fixed: Plugins: Apply "fields" query parameter when requesting data from data API (#4407)
  • Fixed: Refresh note tags when a note is moved to another folder (#4574) (#4369 by Roman Musin)
  • Fixed: Updating a disabled plugin enables it (#4711) (#4683 by @mablin7)
  • Fixed: Wrong background color for the table button in the toolbar (#4681) (#4398 by @zozolina123)

Is it ok to post words of appreciation? If so, Thank You!!!


A new version is now available:

  • New: Add "duplicate line" command in Markdown editor (#4873 by @CalebJohn)
  • New: Add an option to renew the API token (#4811 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • New: Add button to copy note ID in Note Properties dialog (#4749 by Abdallah Ahmed)
  • New: Add plugin info when the app crashes
  • New: Add support for safe mode, which temporarily disables note rendering and plugins (#4727)
  • Improved: Also duplicate the tags when the note is duplicated (#4876) (#3157 by @JackGruber)
  • Improved: ENTER key no longer submits dialogs when a textarea is focused. (#4777) (#4766 by @Ahmad45123)
  • Improved: Fixed editor focus issue when running command from palette (#4812) (#4759 by @Aksh-Konda)
  • Improved: Note list is empty if search field is cleared (#4739) (#4736 by Apoorva Shukla)
  • Improved: Show notebook and note title in the title bar (#4390) (#3695 by @asrient)
  • Improved: Disappearing text in markdown editor (#4750) (#4781 by Adarsh Singh)
  • Fixed: Copying code block from Rich Text editor results in two copies of the text (#4669)
  • Fixed: Ensure that invalid plugin settings do not crash the application (#4562)
  • Fixed: File-Links with German Umlauts don't work (#4804) (#4043 by @Subhra264)
  • Fixed: Fixed cursor moved to the top issue in Markdown editor (#4870 by @CalebJohn)
  • Fixed: Highlight existing text in global search field (#4773) (#4769 by Siddhant Sehgal)
  • Fixed: Prevent Goto anything from changing folders when all notes filter is on (#4751) (#4697 by @jalajcodes)
  • Fixed: Prevents plugin from causing an error when the app closes (#4570)
  • Fixed: Regression: Fixed handling of provisional status of note
  • Fixed: Roboto font in plugins (#4755) (#4754 by Brett Bender)
  • Fixed: Scroll position is not remembered in Markdown editor (#4806) (#4797 by Roman Musin)
  • Fixed: Set plain/text clipboard while copying (#4791) (#4788 by Nishant Mittal)


  • New: Add "id" and "due" search filters (#4898 by @JackGruber)
  • New: Add synchronization tools to clear local sync state or data (a6caa35)
  • Improved: Bump KaTeX to 0.13.3 (#4902 by Roman Musin)
  • Improved: Skip empty lines while converting selection to list (#4832) (#4813 by Adarsh Singh)
  • Fixed: Added RTL support for Markdown editor and Preview. (#4822) (#3991 by Ahmad Mamdouh)
  • Fixed: Create own copy of images while pasting (#4852) (#4767 by Nishant Mittal)
  • Fixed: Disable WebDAV response caching (#4887) (#4706 by Roman Musin)
  • Fixed: Plugin ghost panel and resizing issues (#4865) (#4529 by @mablin7)

RTL support!! Thank you!!

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v1.8.4 is available. I'm hoping this is the last pre-release before the stable one is out.

  • Improved: Improve display of release notes for new versions (f76f99b)
  • Fixed: Ensure that image paths that contain spaces are pasted correctly in the Rich Text editor (#4916)
  • Fixed: Make sure sync startup operations are cleared after startup (#4919)
  • Security: Apply npm audit security fixes (0b67446)

A few bug fixes in 1.8.5:

  • Fixed: Fixed pasting of text and images from Word on Windows (#4916)
  • Security: Filter out NOSCRIPT tags that could be used to cause an XSS (thanks to Jubair Rehman for the PoC) (9c20d59)

I love this new 1.8 pre-release.
It brings a lot of news features and it seems to work well here with 5.000+ notes and 600Go on Mac.
I noticed a bug but I don't know where to tell it because it is a pre-release : here or in github/issue ? thanks

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On GitHub it's better since we can more easily track the issue, and link it to the commit once it's resolved.


What bug is it by the way? Is it still happening?

Sorry it is not a persistent bug, sometimes it works and sometimes not, so I wanted to wait a bit before opening an issue.
It is a problem with the "search" field, upon the note list : sometimes (Once on 3 times on average), the search field empties itself after typing 3 to 4 characters, and so it makes impossible to type longer words. But I could reproduce it only partially. On Mac Big Sur on M1, with Joplin release 1.8.5.

There was some changes to the way the search bar is cleared but looking at the code I can't see how it could randomly clear it, and I can't reproduce it. It would happen if you accidentally press Escape but I guess that's not the issue?

No I didn’t press the escape key.
One example : I typed « borg » wait for half a sec and then tried to type “matic” but “borg” had disappeared in the meantime and I had lost field’s focus.
I will try later and log