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take notes:

When I take class notes in Joplin's visual editor, when I take a screenshot, the typing cursor goes back to the beginning of my note and I cannot take my notes well.

If I take them with the markdown editor there is no problem, but it takes up space on the screen ...

I appreciate your help!

I see your point. But ... in order to get back to the end of the note after adding the screenshot, all it takes is tap on {ctrl} down-arrow (on windows, or {cmd} down-arrow (on mac). This is one keystroke extra. Hope this helps a little until this problem gets solved.

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Thanks for your help! I have used a solution you propose and I hope that will be fixed soon!

There's an open issue for this on GitHub: Cursor moves to top of note after image paste · Issue #4591 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

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