Is there a way to quickly take screen shots with the desktop app?

I am thinking about something similar to OneNote’s “take screen clipping” where you do a key combination (it used to be Win+Shift+S but Microsoft being Microsoft went and used the same for W10 built-in screenshot feature so you need to change the combination for onenote to something else via a registry key-doesn’t matter), you get the cross-hair, make your selection and you release the mouse it just goes to some note without you having to find the note, paste it there or anything. The workflow I have in Joplin is precisely the same, just Win+Shift+S, select with mouse and release, then bring Joplin to foreground, find a note somewhere in Joplin, go there and paste it (then go back to the original app).

The question is how to skip/automatize the last part? New feature? Would something with Autohokey work?

There was talks about adding “hooks” to the app so that external scripts can be launched and modify notes. Maybe that’s what we should do, then AutoHotKey or other tools can be used to interact with the system.

While it isnt through the app...

If you are using Windows, press Win + Shift + S. This will freeze the screen and allow you to select a region of the screen to Screenshot. After you have dragged and released your region, It is automatically saved to the Clipboard. You can then just Ctrl + V it into the Joplin note.

OR you can click the Notification with your screen shot to open it in an InkSpace. You can mark on it however you like, Then close it and paste the marked up image with Ctrl + V.

This is how I have been taking quick Screen-Grabs for my Notes for University. It works very consistently and once you get used to it, It becomes really fast. (I can grab and paste in <2 seconds)

Thanks but this is PRECISELY the manual work I try to avoid. It can be done relatively quickly and it doesn't break your flow too much if you're already collecting and editing some note(s) in Joplin but otherwise it's a disaster.

You can create workflows on ShareX.

here is an example of how it can be integrated:

Sorry, @vb0, I misinterpretted your question by reading it too quickly...

The comment of AutoHotkey is a good Idea. While it could be a bit kludgy using the Terminal Application, It could be done with Opening it as a hidden window and sending key-pressed to the Window ID.

Using "Hooks" as @laurent mentions would be a much cleaner and more reliable system (if/when those are implemented)