Tags workflow: creation, copy/pasting & exporting

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I figured, how to convert the inline tags of a note into Joplin tags via your plugin inline tag navigator. Pretty dope!

Now... I clicked on "convert note's inline tags to Joplin tags" and did not click on "convert all inline note's inline tags to Joplin tags", but still every new note I create the behaviour to convert the inline tags to Joplin tags remained switched on. Do I need to re-click on the same voice in the menu to turn the feature back off? Or is that how is it supposed to be? I actually don't mind, but that would not explain the existence of the two different voices in the menu.

I guess the convert all button will convert all my previous notes' inline tags to Joplin's tags? That'd be great actually.

Still unfortunately I don't think that this workflow would work in the rich editor, as the inline tags do not get created while typing. And copy/pasting the inline tags (even from the markdown editor) does not seem to create inline tags. So how would I copy/paste the tags? And the auto-complete behaviour of the inline tags plugin works exactly as the Joplin stock. So I'm kind of back to square 1?

I am confused about the two plugins "inline tags" and "inline tag navigator". Specifically I'd like to know which one does what. But I am close to obtain what I'm after. So a few questions:

  1. Do I need both plugins installed? Am I right to think of your plugin as an enhancement of the "inline tags" plugin? Yours does not create inline tags without the inline tags plugin also installed, correct?
  2. If I remember correctly the inline tags plugin works only within the markdown editor, but after installing also "inline tag navigator" anything followed by a # is now considered a tag, even in wysiwyg. GREAT!!! But that is the case only if I have both plugins installed, right?
  3. I'm real close to do what I want... but there is a missing piece of the puzzle left... I can now copy/paste the inline tags quickly into a new note, the auto-complete is bypassed while creating new tags, and everything works weather I'm on markdown or in rich text. Now... my Joplin tags cannot still be copied... so I wish there was a "convert note's Joplin tags to inline tags" button so I'd have everything merged. So this solution seems to be working only from now on, if I stick to the workflow, but not for my previous notes
  4. Also, I was obviously intrigued by the searching functionalities that your plugin offers.... but did I get that correctly or your plugin searches only for inline tags and not for Joplin tags?

Thanks so much for developing this btw :clap: Really useful and dense plugin!

:warning: Further edit!
Everything is a bit temperamental btw (on my system at least). There are times in which I type an inline tag such as #inlinetag and the tag is not created as an inline tag, but then your plugin may still create a Joplin tag anyway (although occasionally it does not), then thanks to your CSS snippet, the inline tags are now displayed highlighted, but they may be not tags nor inline tags. It kinda need some constant double checking unless I'm missing something?

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