Tagging with #tags [Feature Request]

It would be really cool to have auto tagging with #hashtags


This has been suggested before but I wonder how is it better than typing Alt+Ctrl+T and type the tag name?

I find it to be more accessible from a ergonomic standpoint Shift+2 is a lot easier to trigger than Alt+Ctrl+T, especially when you need to add a lot of tags to a note.

Don’t forget that # is used for headings.

followed by a space, yes

I mean #features

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That would be really confusing.


Not really. #hashtag is a hashtag and # Heading is a heading. Other apps do it that way and I’ve never found it confusing. It’s not much different than * list item for a list and italic for italics.


I completely agree with @zorxique. There is no confusion between headings and tags. I have been using iA Writer or The Archive without any issue about tagging or heading. I would also welcome this feature.

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I would also like to see #hashtag support.

I would say it has become a defacto standard for how to write tags. Personally, I use it in combination with Markdown (and #-style headers) in other places and does not have any problem telling them apart. Having #hashtags syntax highlighted in a different way than headers would also help. I also like having “everything” defined in text where it is clearly visible – currently the tags are somewhat hidden.

Finally, another reason for why it would be helpful in Joplin is when importing text (large amounts of notes) from other sources. In my case, I had a Markdown-based journal stored in plaintext files. These include #hashtags. It would be very nice to see these tags show up in Joplin.


The ability to use #tag while you’re writing the note is also very good from a workflow perspective. I don’t need to stop writing because i need to add a tag, or need to add tags after adding a note.

An example:
Yesterday, i #bought new #shoes. After a while i visited my friend #“John Smith” at #starbucks to get some much needed coffee.

A note:
While typing this i realized this might be even better if we could “bundle” tags together or define alternatives to a tag, so that #buy is the tag and #bought is an alternative.


I wonder if not using a # for typing a tag but instead having a dedicated key combo for tagging specific words would be a good compromise? I come from Vimland and we do it a totally different way. Exit Insert Mode (Edit Mode on here) and then use 'm to mark it as a tag. Then you can either search tags or just cycle through them pretty quickly

That sounds like a great compromise, yes. A key combo for single words and maybe select text + keycombo for tags with whitespaces.

I second this

no, this is something different. This could be additionally implemented but not instead of the requested feature.

I agree, that is a very natural way. Currently these “words” can be found by the search, but they are not listed as tags. And if I don’t know which “hidden” tags exists I can’t filter by them.

Also many other systems using this way to tag something. If someone doesn’t like this feature (and there are reasons not to convert them automatically into tags) then there could be an option to automatic convert #tags into tags.

Or there could be a dedicated manually process to scan documents / notebooks / all for #tag and then add them to tag list in metadata. Especially after importing notes from other sources this could be useful.


I would go for #tag adds that tag to the note as well. Workflow reasons similar to those noted above. And I'd leave the #tag text in the note, so later when scanning notes which are tagged with #sometag, and some of which are walls of text, it's easy to search for the place where #usedmanlift or #testedjoplin code show up in a day's diary or the like.

This is a bad idea and will cause the prettier formatter to need to be modified, at least I will not specifically support it in the plugin. . .