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Tagging with #tags [Feature Request]

It would be really cool to have auto tagging with #hashtags


This has been suggested before but I wonder how is it better than typing Alt+Ctrl+T and type the tag name?

I find it to be more accessible from a ergonomic standpoint Shift+2 is a lot easier to trigger than Alt+Ctrl+T, especially when you need to add a lot of tags to a note.

Don’t forget that # is used for headings.

followed by a space, yes

I mean #features


That would be really confusing.


Not really. #hashtag is a hashtag and # Heading is a heading. Other apps do it that way and I’ve never found it confusing. It’s not much different than * list item for a list and italic for italics.


I completely agree with @zorxique. There is no confusion between headings and tags. I have been using iA Writer or The Archive without any issue about tagging or heading. I would also welcome this feature.

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