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I know this will sound strange, but it is a suggestion for a future addition. I was looking for a "Tag Manager", a place where I can view, rename, etc the tags I have used. I was searching the menus and could not find. Please note I am new to using the tags.

After a bit of time, I realized this was simply at the bottom of the left column. After laughing at myself a bit, I wondered if others did what I did... so my suggestion is to add something in the menu, like a Tag Manager or something.

Being one who had not really used tags before, I did not really think to look at the Notebooks list to find tags. It does make sense now that I see it, but for the initial search and find, that seems to have been the last place I looked.

I wonder if the tags should be in their own panel? I don't use tags really, but I might think about them more often if they were not out of sight most of the time. Has that ever been considered?

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I don't see a problem with the placement of the tags myself - its the same location as with most other note apps of this style (and in particular Evernote), below the note list. I would actually say that moving or changing this would make the application less accessible for the majority of people migrating from a different application.
I think are some improvements that can be made, there is the constant saga of nested tags for instance.

I don't think a separate panel as such would be the solution but I think it would be a nice improvement if the "Tags" category is unable to leave the bottom of the sidebar. It should still position relative to the notebooks until the number of notebooks displayed would push it off the bottom where it sticks. If you then uncollapse the tags category it should then extend the total scrollable area again but always be visible on the screen.
I'll see if I can demonstrate some sense in my ramblings...

Current behaviour is that Notebooks and Tags live together on a single scrollable list where Tags always show a short distance below the last notebook.

When you have more notebooks displayed than can be shown on that single pane then it moves everything down so now you have to scroll to the tags:

My suggestion made in ignorance of proper design rules and knowledge of people who actually know what they are talking about, would be to have the Tags category always shown at the bottom regardless of how far the Notebooks would push it off the bottom of the pane. In the below picture the notebook list remains the same but Tags are now anchored to the bottom.

If you now click the tags to uncollapse them then the scrollable pane reverts back to its original "single list" type functionality but with the focus now on where the tags are usually positioned, having moved the list upwards to accommodate at least a representative selection of tags (rather than scrolling fully up to push the notebooks off screen):

If you were to now scroll back up, the list would scroll until the tags would go off the screen again where they now stick as per img3.

I'm happy for anyone who actually knows what they are talking about to correct me on why this might be an awful UX//UI experience (one big one that just feels clunky to me and I can't think of an elegant solution is how to transfer between the images in img3 and img4 which in my... thing... would just cause it to inelegantly jump from one view to another).

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