Suggestion - open tag dialog near tags

Very minor suggestion.
On the Mac app, "Click to add tags..." opens the dialog at the top,
but the tags are listed at the bottom.
It seems it would be nicer to open the tag dialog at the bottom, near the tags.

Also, the gray overlay hides part of the tag list at the bottom.
This might be related to my setup - font size etc.

@apmckinlay welcome to the forum.

Someone raised this point before when the interface first changed to its current style with version 1.2. There was a bit of discussion about it but it's not clear if the devs have this on their "things to do" list yet or whether another option is being considered!

By the way, my linking to the previous post is no criticism or gripe about "duplication", far from it. I am just helping out the maintainers by doing a bit of "triage" and letting them know that you are not the only one who has mentioned this.

Sorry, I did search for an existing suggestion but I didn't find that one.

Coincidentally, Evernote recently moved the tags to the bottom on the Mac version. I don't have a strong preference for top or bottom, but Evernote is not consistent between different platforms, which I don't like.

I wondered if the dialog at the top came from previously having the tags at the top.

Another approach would be in-line editing of the tags, but I expect that would be trickier.

In any case, quite a minor issue.

Should I be entering an issue somewhere else for the gray background?
Is it supposed to leave the tags exposed or to cover the whole screen?

I believe that you may be correct. It did make more sense to be placed there when the tags were at the top.

It used to be that the matter would be raised here and one of the maintainers would ask for a GitHub issue to be raised if needed. Since Joplin has become more popular this does not appear to be the case so much any more, with users going straight to GitHub.

I don't know what the intent was (I am not one of the devs) but I would guess that it should cover the whole screen as the tag bar is inactive when the tag dialog is open. Regardless it doesn't look right cutting half-way through the tag bar.

I hadn't actually noticed this. However, I am running v1.4.18 on Windows 10 and Linux Mint 20 and it does exactly the same so it's not a Mac specific behaviour.

I wonder if it makes sense to get rid of the dialog box altogether? The input box already has a nice display of tags which means it might be possible to replace the tag display with the input from the dialog. I wonder if that would cause issues with people accidentally deleting tags?

I would be against removing dialog box as it is now.
But the function of adding tags could be doubled (one in dialog and one at bottom of note).