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Show tags associated with the note

I am a new user and I am surprised to see that I cannot see the tags associated with the note. I need to click the button and view it in the popup.

I was a Evernote user, currently on SimpleNote.


Yes, I also would like to see the tags. A minimum requirement is to have an indication that there is at least one tag attached. I suggest that the tag icon be changed to yellow to indicate this. A further improvement would be to have the list of tags shown, so you don’t have to click on the (yellow) icon.

For my use case I would love to the name(s) of the tag(s) appended to the subject line of the note, formatted with a grey background (by enclosing it with back-ticks).

I believe we had that for a while, but it had to be reverted because it had some negative side effects.

I’m sure Laurent would accept a PR for that.

Tag management in general could be improved. A few ideas: colored tags, search by intersecting tags, add/remove tags for several selected notes, … So if somebody reads this and would like to implement one of these things, please let us know.

Tags provide useful information which should be preserved when the note is viewed or printed. The user should be able to control this. I propose that a new type of markup is introduced for this purpose, such as [[tag-texts]], which would produce something like this:
Urgent ApprovalNeeded

This makes it only more complicated. A separate space in the UI that lists all tags associated with a note would be more efficient.