Tables with merged/split cells

Does Joplin allows us to create merged/split cells in table.
I have the intention to use Joplin to make my own personal notes in the format of table. Hence the question.

With html code you can. I don’t think it is supported in markdown.

If I understood things correctly, it is possible to “merge” or “split” cells, but currently this is limited to columns (at least in Joplin). It works for me, see screenshot below from my desktop-app.
Is that what you mean @hanct?

However, when I follow the link under the plug-ins section on the Joplin homepage that says Multitable, the mentions the options to do the same for rows (Multiple lines of row and Rowspan), but they are optional.

So I’m not sure if and how those options can be activated for Joplin. Is that possible @laurent? It would be great, if this was possible.

You go to options and check Enable multimarkdown table extension.

Looks like adding line breaks within a row is an optional feature of the extension that we don’t have enabled. I can make a pull request when I get home

@tessus I think this feature is what they’re asking about.

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Yea, some of the plugins have options. Do you want to create additional checkboxes (most likely indented) to add options for plugins? The only problem is that this is not as straightforward as just enabling/disabling a plugin.
I love options, the more the better, but I’m afraid @laurent wants to keep it simple for the user.

This post wasn’t about line breaks within rows though, or did I missed something? If we change something, is it possible to see what Markdown currently doesn’t work, and how it should work?

I already had that one enabled, sorry I forgot to mention that.
I think @CalebJohn is right at least speaking from my side (not sure about OP)

If it’s too much work, don’t bother about it too much. It’s not essential from my side, though it would be nice to have that functionallity for tables (It’s also something that I’m missing on discourse itself)

Yeah, originally it wasn’t about that, the line break was my interpretation of how to possibly solve the original request as a form of workaround using markdown, or at least emulate that behaviour as closely as possible?

Desired output

Taking the example from the multimarkdown table extension that’s the desired input/output

Actual output in Joplin

What I get with Joplin is this instead (with multimarkdown table extension enabled)

I was thinking we would just enable all of the options, since the user is choosing whether or not to enable multimarkdown tables anyways, we might as well give them as many options as possible.

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Did you try using <br> to force a newline?

I just gave it a test, it works for small things, but not well because you can’t have actual line breaks to format the markdown code.

That works too. :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks for including this so fast in your latest update! :slight_smile:
I already tried it and it worked perfectly for me :heart:

I only noticed one little thing I wanted to include for completeness for anyone coming across this thread:
Using a \ at the end of the last row makes the previous rows that end with a \ disappear. As a line break at the end of the table isn't necessary this is not really an issue.

Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

That certainly is weird! I just double checked by disable the multimd-table plugin and this problem is local to the plugin. So I think we’re safe to ignore it as an edge case, thanks for documenting it!

This should be reported upstream, if this behavior is undesired.

By upstream, you mean here?

Yes, we are using the following npm package markdown-it-multimd-table.

According to npm info markdown-it-multimd-table the link you sent is the homepage for this package.