Table Editing in Android (WYSIWYG, text wrapping, and all that)

Hello there, I checked the forum and Github but didn't see anything relating to this so I hope I'm not being noob rude posting it here.

I've been using Joplin since 2019 and have been a Joplin Cloud customer/user since last year. I absolutely love Joplin and keep (almost) everything in it, from my recipes and family birthdays to work drafts and random notes.

The one thing I cannot store in Joplin is my physical therapy/workout logs. For those I need a table where I keep rows of exercises (which don't change much at all) and columns of dates (which need to be added each time). On the desktop application, this is a snap with the WYSIWYG table editor that was recently added. On Android, however, it's basically unusable.

Below you'll see a sample table I created on desktop as it appears on Android.

It looks great, but no new data can be entered in that format. Instead I have to click to edit in which case it switches to this:

If this was single line markdown I could deal with it by just adding that days reps/time data into the right space between the right pipes. But with the text wrapping the lines become messy and hard to sort through, and as more columns are added it's going to quickly become completely hopeless as a single "row" takes up the entire screen and then some.

Obviously I'm not at my desktop when I'm doing my physical therapy. All I've got with me is my phone. So . . .

  1. Are there plans to port the table WYSIWYG editor to Android?
  2. Failing that, is there any way to disable text wrapping in Android (preferably on a per note basis)?

Thanks in advance.