How to enable WYSIWYG in Android?

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Hello, I'm new to Joplin and I think it's absolutely awesome.

I'm writing notes on Android (Joplin 1.7.5) and writing Markdown there isn't very ergonomic. I read around there's some WYSIWYG editor available (or in preview) for Android. Is it true? How can I enable it?

It was unstable and had lots of bugs so it was removed.

Oh that's sad. Are there any other plans to improve usage on Android?

We are limited with what the framework we're using can do, especially for text editing. This framework is supposed to receive a major overhaul at some point, and maybe then text editing will be sufficiently reliable to have a proper Markdown editor.

Alternative if Code Mirror 6 is ever released, maybe we can use that.

In theory it may be possible to use an external editor but getting it to work with images/attachments would be challenging.

Are there any good markdown editors on Android? I know Markor, anything else?

The one included in nextcloud app is simple but nice.

As a side note, I found interesting the approach that GitJournal follows. There, it has several editors. One of them is particularly interesant: the task list.

In the note, it uses YAML front matter to store the used editor. So, when opening a note that has that info, it opens with the task list editor. It's simplified for the use case of task lists, while still being markdown under the hood. It's quite comfortable to use for simpler cases such as grocery shopping.

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