Can’t Edit Imported WYSIWYG Notes on Android phone

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What issue do you have?

I exported everything from Evernote and imported to Joplin using the ENEX option.

Similar problem to one I saw from another user: viewing and editing my imported notes works fine in the Windows app. But in the Android client, running on a Google Pixel 8 Pro, I can view my imported notes in WYSIWYG mode, but selecting the Edit button toggles to Markdown mode, looks like HTML. Seems to be no way to toggle to WYSIWYG mode on phone, going back just takes me out of edit mode.

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What Android version is running on the device? Does it work if you start fresh instead of using your imported data? If you still have the same problem, maybe installing the official APK from the website works?


This could simply be me failing to see something, but is there a WYSIWYG editor for Android? I type a lot on my android tablet in Joplin, and was wondering if the issue was simply failure to switch to a WYSIWYG editor. But can't find the switch. The built-in editor seems to be MarkDown and I can't find an alternative to suggest as a solution.

Ah, yes. There is no WYSIWYG editor, just a MarkDown editor indeed. When I first read OP I thought s/he could not edit the note, but probably it is something much simpler as @SteveShank explained.

I've created a GitHub issue to track this:

Thanks LFdev!

I'm using Android 14, and I do get WYSIWYG when creating a new note.

The workaround seems to be to copy the contents of an imported note into a new note, then all is well. Seems a bit awkward, I imported a lot of from Evernote, but I probably won't need to amend most, so I suppose I could work my way through. The judgement is whether that is a price worth paying to get away from Evernote. :thinking:

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