Tab order

new user - keyboard centric. in Evernote if you use the tab to move from the search box you go to the list then the subject then the note in editing mode.
in this app i can’t make that work - it does to an X then Usage then notebooks then list then subject then you can scroll the note but not edit it - cursor is hidden.
are there keyboard shortcuts somewhere for these hotspots so mouse use is minimized? thanks!

See under View => Focus, and under Edit => Search for the keyboard shortcuts.

Otherwise you can tab/alt-tab between the elements under View => Focus

ok thanks for that - can we talk about the tab order? it seems to have a lot of stops on the way to those 4 items and should only stop on those 4 - actually i would prefer it not stop at the sidebar as i only plan on having one notebook since you support tree structure (yay!!).

also of note for keyboard users - i cannot get ctrl-a to select all items in the list - it works in the editor. in addition, shift-arrow down does not multi-select in the note list - again works in editor.

is there a bribe button to allow me to move certain items up on the task list? you are so close to evernote here it is scary good - thanks!