Feature Request: Office Hotkey + Simultaneous Highlight Focus

It’s me again, hopefully these two requests haven’t been brought up:

  1. In Microsoft Office, there’s a Alt+Shift+ up/down direction key that moves an entire line of item up or down based on your arrow keys. This is helpful where you need to re-arrange a list.
  2. A second feature recommendation is to enhance note navigation. When I highlight/double click on a heading/note area/word - I’d like the preview pane to also correspond with the same highlight so that I know where i’m at in the notes.

In addition to feature recommendation #1 - would there be a way to fix the listing of numeric value when it’s edited? For example, if you start a list with 1, 2, 3, 4 … it automatically formats and continues the numbering down the list as you add more items. If you go back to 2, and add an item after it - the numbering is auto populated and continues in the series; however, the subsequent numbers do not change for the rest of the list and you end up having duplicate list number. The subsequent listing numbering would have to be manually changed.

Not sure if that made sense.

It’s been a couple of weeks with Joplin - although it doesn’t have some capabilities that i’m used to in OneNote, I’ve been actively using it more than my OneNote for sure. Thanks for all the hard work guys and gals!

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