Tab Key working in the Rich Text View

Hej everyone,

I really use a lot of the tab key (and shift+tab) to organize my notes. It seems to not be working in the rich text view. I'm not sure if it's limitations, a product decision or anything else, so I just posted in feature as it may be implemented.


Works if you are using lists (bullet points, etc.), but not if you don't. The WYSIWYG editor is limited. Tabbing works better in an external editor like Typora, which overall is a much better WYSIWYG editor (and you can easily switch to markdown).

If you're not already aware, you can open any note in an external editor (just specify editor in Options).

Would love to see built-in editor improve to the point where I don't have to stay in markdown (just not as efficient for note taking, IMHO) or rely on external editor.

Thaks for the tip! I knew that, but I want to do everything possible inside Joplin, as would you.

Any plans to improve the built-in editor??

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