WYSIWYG doesn't work as expected

Normally I am expecting what I put inside backticks to be shown just like Typora but it doesn't work that way in here.

Anything that I could be missing or is this intentional?

I don't even see how to toggle it and I don't know if I'm in rich text editing or WYSIWYG. Is this it?

It is a true WYSIWYG editor like most word processors. By default Joplin has a Markdown mode (the left side of the button on the far right of your toolbar picture) and a richtext/wysiwyg mode which you are currently in.

What you are after can probably be best provided by the rich markdown plugin.

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It's not, Typora is WYSIWYG and MarkText is WYSIWYG.

if I type ** text ** I expect the text part to automatically become bold and the ** and ** decorators to vanish. That's the entire idea, to create formatted text without it polluting your visual space.

The plugin does not provide that.

I said it can be best provided, not that it is an exact fit. There is no Typora style hybrid markdown editor, the richtext editor is exactly what people used to things like MS Word or Google Docs are used to - it formats the text directly without Markdown symbols.

Did you even try one of the options in the plugin?


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Tried that option as well, it does not solve it.

Turns out it's not WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get).

Nobody said it was, again I said it was likely the best fit. The richtext editor IS wysiwyg but doesn't support Markdown.

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It's WYSIWYG in the sense that everyone else in the world uses it, if I type bold in a WYSIWYG editor, I expect to see the word 'bold' surrounded by 4 asterisks :roll_eyes: As Daeraxa says, what you are looking for is a hybrid markdown editor. If that's critical for you, Joplin is not for you.

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You can use Typora as an external editor, and it works just fine. When Joplin was designed, the normal mode was like this forum. The left side is the code you type and the right side is the Preview mode which shows what you get. Many of us found this horrible, as with the notebooks column and the list column, 4 columns were too much. It is still available though by selecting it in layout.

Some use Typora as an external editor. Most I think use the Rich Markdown editor and have found it just fine. In fact, I rather like seeing the code AND seeing the results pretty much. I prefer it to editing in Typora, which I just use now when I need to edit a page while I review it and want both the original and edited versions in front of me.

But you are right. There is either Markdown or Wysiwyg. The markdown is not as wysiwyg as Typora even with the plugin.

You could put in a feature request for a typora type editor.