OneDrive sync conflicting accounts

Version:Joplin 1.6.6 (prod, darwin)
OS: Mac 11.1

I have 2 microsoft accounts 1 for work, 1 personal. In attempting to sync Joplin to to OneDrive it will only attempt to authenticate vs my work address. I have not yet gotten a sync to OneDrive. I've gone into the microsoft office site and force logged off the relevant machine (for both accounts). I've logged out of all MS apps. I've rebooted multiple times. I've renamed the joplin config directories like in this ref: Syncronization - OneDrive. Nothing has worked yet.

How do I get Joplin to allow me to log into the desired microsoft account?

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I do have a similar situation with work/home ms accounts. I shut down Joplin. Renamed the .config directory. Then I installed Firefox (i.e. a new browser). To be double safe I cleared cache/history on this new browser (though that's probably overkill). Then went into settings and changed Firefox to my default web browser. Went into Joplin and was given the chance to log in to my personal account. After that I reset my default browser. Hope this helps.

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You are a star. I just launched Safari (not my default browser usually), set it as the default browser, and clicked sync in Joplin. It let me login to the right account and appears to be now syncing. Thanks very much.

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