Syncing with Megasync

Hi, new here and wondering if anyone has been able to sync Joplin with megasync. I know they have megacmd to get a command line code to link via WebDAV but there is not enough help on how to do this (at least for me anyway)

If anyone can offer some help on this I would be thankful

Cheers Anton.

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Hello, just a bump. Anyone able to help me please.

Can you post a link to their website and the instructions for WebDAV you mentioned?
Is it the site

Thanks, but I have looked at that link and not been able to follow their instructions, or at least find them confusing. I was just hoping that a Joplin user had done this already and have a more descriptive answer

Hi Anton. I use Megasync as well, but the last time I looked into it, there was no way to get it to work. I don't think I explored WebDAV though. I just went for the quick and dirty workaround of using Dropbox. The main reason I'd moved away from Dropbox anyway was lack of encryption, but since all my Joplin notes are encrypted, that was moot. I hate having to use both apps, but it's what I ended up with.

Hi Brian, thanks for your reply. I only recently cancelled my 2Tb pro subscription in favour of the same plan from so I don’t want to or can’t use DB with their measly 2Gb free plan.

I just hoping I will be able to find how to go with the WebDAV option otherwise I will have to get a 50Gb plan with Onedrive and then reduce my mega plan.

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Hi roman_r_m and thanks for getting back to me. Here is the information that supplied to me……..>

Thank you for your support and thank you for using MEGA!

To serve a folder from your MEGA Cloud Drive as a WebDAV network drive/external drive we have implemented a local proxy that talks WebDAV to the client software and the MEGA protocol to the MEGA servers, so you can use your favourite WebDAV client to interact with your MEGA account through MEGA CMD MEGA

You can find a brief tutorial here: MEGAcmd/ at master · meganz/MEGAcmd · GitHub
If you have any queries or issues please contact our developers on Github directly.
Go to Issues · meganz/MEGAcmd · GitHub and create a New Issue .

Alternatively you can try our Windows, Mac or Linux sync client that make background uploads to your Cloud Drive possible. You can download the sync client here MEGA Desktop App - MEGA

I did follow their suggestion of posting on thier github forum with my request but never got any offer of help.

Following their instructions, it seems you have to work a a CMD line level to set this up and I’m not comfortable with that at all.

There doesn't seem to be any other way though if you need webdav.

Looks like you need to set up that webdav server app and then, once it's running, if you type webdav you should see - according to that doc - something like this

WEBDAV SERVED LOCATIONS:                                                        

The 2nd column, starting from http:// is your webdav URL to use with Joplin.

If they have an app that syncs a configured folder in background, you can use this + file system sync in Joplin. May be easier to set up.

Allright, a bit further down the track. But the bit I don’t understand is “that webdav server app”. Is this another app or service I have to get from a seperate party.

Ok, looks like I misunderstood what's said here MEGAcmd/ at master · meganz/MEGAcmd · GitHub

I thought it was a separate app that runs as webdav server, in fact it's MEGAcmd

I use folder sync pro to synchronize Joplin with MEGAsync on all my Android devices. Works great for cloud storage that doesn't auto sync with android

And there lays my problem, I can’t fathom the command line syntax

I feel like I am the only person in the world who uses Microsoft word but the Office 360 plan, $9,comes with 1TB onedrive.

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