Sync to Proton Drive in the future?

Just FYI possibly for future sync capabilities. The people that make the privacy based Proton Email and Proton VPN have Proton Drive in beta. I contacted them to see if they supported webDAV and they said "... currently, we do not have plans on integrating WebDav. The reason why is because we use a proprietary protocol to maintain end to end encryption, and WebDav does not fit into our current model."

I don't know if they have other ways for syncing data but syncing via Proton may come up as a request in the future.

Due to no WebDAV, I didn't purchase a Proton account at this time.

Thanks for the information. I was just about to post a question about possible Proton Drive sync, and this answers my question.

jFYI, WebDAV is crap. HTTP was not designed for transferring large files.