Plugin: Publish to Web

My first plugin. Sometimes I've wanted to share a note, and I ended up putting it into evernote so I could do that easily.

This plugin will publish a note as a Github Gist [1]

You can install it via the Joplin plugin system.


You need to create an auth token with gist scope here:


After you have the token, click the github icon on your note

to do

  • upload referenced images
  • be able to update a note instead of creating a new each time


  1. Gists provide a simple way to share code snippets (in this case, notes) with others. Every gist is a Git repository, which means that it can be forked and cloned. If you are signed in to GitHub when you create a gist, the gist will be associated with your account and you will see it in your list of gists when you navigate to your gist home page. ↩ī¸Ž


This is great, thanks!

One small suggestion (and I realize it may be too late) would be to name it either "Publish to Gist" or "Gist publsiher". Even having just installed it, when I went to try to find it on the plugin page I didn't think to look for it under "Joplin". Every plugin is for Joplin.

Anyway, this is a great plugin. Thanks so much for making it!

I can remove the "Joplin" part if that helps. The reason I didn't call it something with Gist, is that I may expand it to publish to other services, like gitlab, or pastebin or whatever too.


Oh, cool. That's great to hear. Perhaps something like "Publish to Web".

Any way, great work. Thanks for taking the time to make this available.


I changed the name to "Publish to Web"