synchronization problem when using Syncthing

Sorry for my english.

  1. I use the desktop version of Joplin for windows10

  2. Android smartphone version

  3. File system synchronization path

  4. Data synchronization program Syncthing

  5. If you create notes in windows10 , they appear on the smartphone

  6. if created on a smartphone, they do not appear in windows10, but the files themselves from Android are synchronized by Syncthing

  7. Has anyone encountered such a problem?

  8. Now I use dropbox for synchronization, but I would like Syncthing


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I have a similar issue to visumbra, though basically in reverse. Synchronisation from Android to Windows 10 per Syncthing works, but it doesn't the other way around.
I tested whether Syncthing can synchronize in both directions, and it can.
What I noticed is that Joplin displays the following error message every time I try to sync:"Error: Got metadata for path but could not fetch content:". I don't guarantee that I typed that filename correctly, but that was probably a pointless exercise anyway! :wink:

I'm at a loss now what I should do about this error, so some pointers in the right direction would be very appreciated!

Can you check your Syncthing dir for a file named or whatever the id was? Is it present on both devices?

If I read the code correctly the error means that Joplin could see the file but was unable to read it.

Yes, the file is there and it’s not empty. Now Joplin gives me an error message regarding another MD file, which is identical to the prior one apart from the id, updated_time and user_updated_time data.
I stopped Syncthing from synchronizing the folder for the moment. Doesn’t help.