Synchronisation Stuck / Hangs on macOS app

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Joplin 2.13.13 (prod, darwin)

Client ID: 5dda9eb710954519b2d02b128ad77638
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 44
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: c3cdeeb

Auto Alarm: 1.0.8
Autolinker: 1.0.4
Convert Text To New Note: 1.5.1

Sync target



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What issue do you have?

I was previously on version 2.13.11. I updated to 2.13.13 just now to see if the issue would go away. It has not.

I have been using the macOS desktop app exclusively for the past couple of weeks. Today I used the Android app I have on my phone, and I noted that the lastest items (just a few notes) I'd added to desktop version were not showing up on the Android app, even after performing a successful sync on the Android app. I would have expected the macOS app to be automatically syncing when I was using it, and for those notes to then show up on my phone once I synced on there. But apparently the macOS app has not been syncing these past couple of weeks.

Upon discovering missing notes on the Android app, I initiated a manual sync on macOS app. It seemed to just hang. The sync button had a spinner going for many minutes (30 or more), and no activity was visible in the Sync Status.

I clicked "Cancel", and now it's been "Cancelling" for over an hour.

I closed macOS Joplin, and launched it again. It right away shows that it's "Syncing" (the sync button shows "Cancel" and the spinner), yet there is no activity visible, and it continues this way for as long as I leave it (30+ minutes).

I note the in the Developer tools console, it shows the following after app launch:

11:13:34: Preparing scheduled sync
Logger.ts:254 11:13:34: Starting scheduled sync
Logger.ts:254 11:13:34: Synchronisation is already in progress. State: in_progress
Logger.ts:254 11:13:47: ResourceService::indexNoteResources: Start
Logger.ts:254 11:13:47: ResourceService::indexNoteResources: Completed
Logger.ts:254 11:13:47: ResourceService::deleteOrphanResources:

Same thing is noted in the log.txt file:

2024-01-09 11:17:31: "Sync has finished and note has never been changed - reloading it"
2024-01-09 11:17:40: "Preparing scheduled sync"
2024-01-09 11:17:40: "Starting scheduled sync"
2024-01-09 11:17:40: "Synchronisation is already in progress. State: in_progress"
2024-01-09 11:17:50: "ResourceService::indexNoteResources: Start"
2024-01-09 11:17:51: "ResourceService::indexNoteResources: Completed"
2024-01-09 11:17:51: "ResourceService::deleteOrphanResources:", "[]"

So it is detecting the a sync is already in progress, even after app was quit.

I have tested the app in Safe Mode. That didn't change the situation.

There are no warnings or errors in the DevTools console. I also ran the app in Debug mode, and no errors or warnings showed up.

Any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

After much fiddling around, I was able to "resolve" the issue by deleting some notes on the macOS app. After than, the automatic sync (which was running subsequent to launching the app) stopped showing it was syncing. I then did a manual sync, and it worked in the way it should. No more hanging.

Seems to me I encountered a bug.

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