Can't get Joplin Android to sync

MacOS:Joplin 1.6.6 (prod, darwin)
Sync Version: 2
Profile Version: 34
Keychain Supported: Yes
Revision: f58b756 (master)

Android: Joplin 1.6.6
Database v34
FTS enabled 1

I have content on my mac. I sync'd it successfully from the Mac to OneDrive, but I couldn't get it to sync from OneDrive to Android. I read how many issues there are with OneDrive sync, so I went and bought enough DropBox space to sync using DropBox.

Sadly, I get the same thing with DropBox on the Android as I had on OneDrive. I have now uninstalled, deleted data, cleared cache, reinstalled multiple times on the Android device. I've left it for 1d or more to sync and it just doesn't sync. At various points I've gotten some files, but it never got more than a few mb of data after a day or more of sync attempts. It also kept saying "cancelling" and hanging for a long time. Basically - it doesn't work.

Right now, there is no data on the phone. The directories are empty. It is freshly installed. I have spent several days moving from Evernote, purging all of that, etc and my "last mile" is getting Android to work ANY help would be MUCH appreciated.


N.B. This looks similar to this issue

I have a few thousand notes with many resources. It has downloaded 1k or so, and then I get the error in the 2nd screenshot:

Here are 2 screenshots that may help you help me :wink:

It looks like it keeps cancelling as the "lock has expired", so I get no more updates.

Any thoughts?

Still getting "Could not refresh lock - cancelling sync' Error was: "Error: Lock has expired"

  1. I cleared the data for, and uninstalled the app on my Android.
  2. I exported my Mac notes, removed the old config directory, restarted Joplin afresh on the mac, Deleted the app folder on DropBox, re-sync'd to DropBox.
  3. Reinstalled the app on Android, re-sync'd.
  4. I keep getting this error about the lock refreshing.

I believe when my screen when dark, this is what stopped the app from sync'ing.

I left the app visible during my sync (kept touching screen so it would not go dark). It sync'd 100% and decrypted 100%.

What phone settings would impact this? I rebooted my phone and it all seems to have worked. Not sure what happened, but at least it seems to have sync'd (by not letting the phone sleep).

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