Synchronisation error PROPFIND /: Unknown error 2 (504) - please help

Hi there!

I have Joplin installed on my Windows 11 desktop, (Joplin version 2.6.10).
And also on my iPad, Android phone and my Windows 11 laptop.

Synchronization with Nextcloud used to work perfectly but lately, I get the error below
I can log in online to Nextcloud with my password and I can see the folder structure. No problem there.

Can somebody please help me out how to solve this? Highly appreciated!

The message I get after synchronization is:

Completed: 24/12/2021 14:24 (276s)
Last error: Error: PROPFIND /: Unknown error 2 (504): 504 Gateway Time-out

504 Gateway Time-out

nginx/1.18.0 (Ubuntu)

Debug console-1640357868714.log (400.3 KB)

Merry Christmas!!

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Hello @laurent since there are many views but no reactions, do you have have any clues how to solve this?

I really would like to continue using Nextcloud.

Thanks so much!

Hi there,

Final update.

I had 60 views but no solution so I ran out of patience and now abandoned Nextcloud.
I switched to Webdav and Koofr Cloud Services for my synchronization and now it all works fine.

I'm a happy camper again. :wink:

Best regards, happy 2022!

Sorry for the late response. As support is peer-to-peer, many of community members are busy at this time of the year but I'm glad that you managed to solve your issue by yourself.

Errors with nextcloud is popular topic on this forum and usually when people encounter those, it's related to the provider misconfiguration. In your example, error 504 most likely have been caused by said server side misconfiguration as well.

In case you're free user there's little you can do about it, so moving to another provider is probably the best way to go, as you have discovered yourself.

For the sake of linking let me refer to other similar topics discussing Nextcloud:

Nextcloud error discussions

In any case, welcome to the forum and wish you happy new year!

Thanks for your response @graphit0
I hope I did the right thing :wink: For now it works like a charm.

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