Sync with WebDav (seafile) not work on iPhone


i switched from Nextcloud to seafile and now i have the Problem, that Joplin on iPhone could not reach the Webdav Server. I am using the latest available Software on each Device

First i tried it with the Joplin Client for MacOS.
User: myuser
Pass: mypass

That is working. The Client sync the Notes without any Error. I could also get Access to the Webdav Folder with an normal WebDav Client without Problems.

Only the Joplin Client on iPhone did not like it and told me that the Network Request failed and i should check it.
I checked it several times and i could not find any difference to the working Macbook

I tried also to reinstall the Client on the iPhone, but also no luck.
So my Question is, is there a known Problem? Seafile was reported to work.


Maybe the non standard port causes a problem on iOS. Can you please provide a debug log.


This is very sad news, I just learned from old news that iPhone has had ATS since 2016 and this may be the reason why Joplin can no longer use WebDAv on iPhone.