Sync Windows 10 desktop and Android 8,10 OS

Hello, Pls help. My sync between pc windows 10 and android 10,8 is not working. Thanks
Joplin version 2.7.15

Those warnings have nothing to do with the sync process...please give us more/other information. E. g. which sync target do you use? A sync isn't between windows and android, but between a client (android, windows) and a server (target).

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The sync is between Windows 11 -> Android 10 and Android 10 -> Windows 11. If new items are added on PC to Joplin they are not synchronized with Android 10. I also tried reinstalling the apk on both Android and PC program. it didn't help. I also tried Send local data to sync destination and Delete local data and download it from sync destination. No change.

Can you post screenshots showing how your sync is configured in Joplin on both devices?

You mean this ?

Windows 10 PC
syncReport-1652361499648.csv (16.5 KB)

Android 10
syncReport-1652374798942.txt (220.1 KB)

No, he meant a screenshot of your sync configuration in the settings...but let's continue here: You sync with Onedrive, right? Please double check if the clients are all correctly connected to the same folder on OneDrive

Yes, everything is synch. via One Drive.

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