Sync via Dropbox: Do I need a Dropbox App on all devices?

Hey there,

I'm Tom, love Joplin, just have a short question, I'm not a pro.

I run Joplin 2.6.10 (prod, darwin) on my Mac mini m1, MacBook Pro Intel and iPhone 13 pro.
(All os's are updated on the latest version, in case this info is imp.)

To Sync between devices I choose Dropbox.

Here's my issue/question:
Do I need to have dropbox installed on all devices to sync. or is it not necessary, as it will sync over the cloud anyways? I'm sorry I am concerned to try it out by myself, because I don't know if I will crash my good running Joplin Ecosys.

Any suggestions?

Greetings from Germany,
Tom :slight_smile:

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You don't need the app to sync.


Thanks for the fast reply.
Have a good one!

Because it doesn't need the app it might also be worth not syncing the Joplin folder where you do have a dropbox client, it isn't needed and just tempts fate if anything is changed in there which can cause the sync target to break.

Okay, I'm sure if I get your suggestion.
So if I don't sync the Joplin folder of the dropbox client, where should I sync my data over? :grimacing:
I think I'm missing something of your idea, can you give me a little better explaination.

Joplin interacts with Dropbox entirely by connection - it doesn't use the local dropbox folder.
So if you sync that Joplin folder to your desktop you essentially have Joplin uploading data directly then your dropbox downloads it to store it locally.
In your dropbox client you should be able to go to preferences > sync > selective sync and deselect the joplin folder.

Basically it writes loads of data in there and 1) you will end up with a duplication of your data and 2) you don't want to accidentally modify or delete anything in that folder as it may break your sync


What a great explanation, thank you very much!
I understand now.
Once again, I'm not yet entirely IT proficient, comments like yours are helping me a lot :slight_smile:


If this is written up somewhere then its my fault that I completely missed it. If it isn't documented , maybe it should be. thanks @Daeraxa and thanks to @Tsba for asking the question.


What do you mean? It's nowhere written that a Dropbox client is required, thus it isn't.
So shall we list all non-requirements? Where will this end. You do not need a steak knife to use Joplin, nor a screwdriver. :wink:

The other stuff (selective sync) has been mentioned in the forum a few times. Here's one:

I didn't mean to come off in a negative way. I was just enthused to find this new (to me information) and to put it to use. I'll just go on my way and return this steak knife and screwdriver before I get in any more trouble :slight_smile:

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Neither did I.

What I meant by all this was that you have to tell us what (selective sync, dropbox info, ..) exactly we should put where (FAQ, documentation, separate forum post, ...).

Your statement was a bit too vague.

Btw, you can also create PRs (or a forum post) for any of these things if you think that something is missing.

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