I suppose the answer is Joplin. Best sync cloud?

What is the best cloud to sync to? I am using onedrive and often it seems as though it doesn't get everything and I need to click Synchronize until it does. Is this normal or is it just me?
Perhaps I am not waiting long enough from one device to another. Phone, tablet and PC. android and windows.

Joplin Cloud/Server will probably be the most performant. OneDrive seems to have issues because they keep randomly changing their API otherwise all the sync targets do tend to work pretty well (unless you are with a host that has a bad WebDAV implementation).
I still sync with my NextCloud and whilst it is as slow as all hell, it is perfectly reliable for me.

I'm very fond of both Joplin Cloud and Dropbox. I think both are rock solid solutions. Joplin Cloud is definitely faster, and you'd sponsor an awesome project. I never had much luck with Onedrive, but the last time I tried it is years ago, so things may have improved since then.

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