Android app sync never completes

Hello. I've been a Joplin user for a about a year and a half, and I always experience the following problem with the mobile app:

  • Joplin Version 2.6.3, Database v41
  • Android 9
  • Dropbox sync

Every time I have installed the mobile Joplin app, the first sync was very difficult and unreliable, no matter the device or version of the app. It either takes a very long time to complete, or stops as soon as the screen goes black. Whatever the case, the sync is eventually said to be complete, but not all my notes, tags and notebooks are retrieved or decrypted. Pushing the sync button over and over does not help. Switching between wifi and mobile connection does not make a difference. Reinstalling the app solves nothing either.

In my previous phone, somehow after a number of attempts, the synchronization actually completed and everything worked fine afterwars. Recently, in my current new phone (Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2, X01BDA), nothing helps and I can't therefore use the app.

Should I give up?

When Joplin is closed, sent to the background or the device is put into sleep (display off), the sync is interrupted, prevent your phone to go into sleep mode until the sync is finished. This can be achieved with apps or in developer mode of the phone.

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