Sync is slower with Dropbox than Onedrive?

I noticed that the sync process is very very slow with dropbox vs onedrive.
In 6 hours 200 objects have been sync on dropbox
I feel that was not so slow with onedrive was it ?
is it due to the dropbox api / onedrive api ?.

The algo for both is pretty much the same, so it’s possible that Drobpox is throttling the connection after a while, or perhaps it was just slow at that particular time. 200 items in 6h is definitely worst than when I was using it. Maybe give it another try and see if it’s still happening?

I launch a new sync since 12h45. We'll see in 6hours :slight_smile:

115 objects sync since 12h45.

190 objects sync since 12h45 :confused:
I will see at the end of all the days.