Sync behind Proxy

Hi, while trying to establish a sync to Webdav from behind a company proxy I get:

getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND (Code ENOTFOUND)

Where the webdav target is available and reachable from the same machine over the network.
I suppose the current implementation of node.js in Joplin does not support the Systems proxy Settings?

Version 1.0.179 (prod win32)

I am sure it used to work like 2 Versions ago… possible?

thank you for this marvellous tool

regards from Germany

Michael Maaß

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Nope, using a proxy never worked. I’ve created a PR a while back that would allow the use of a http proxy (the https part does not work due to lack of support in the upstream package), but suggested not to merge it. IMO, it’s too unsafe to use a proxy in the first place.

But you can try to apply the PR to the latest git master and compile Joplin yourself.

Hi, since the https is part of the webdav Package and for the moment compiling it myself is a bit out of my competence, I am thankfull for your input but live with the issue anyway. Marvellous Product, btw. :+1:

I follow, that I am not the only one behind a Corporate Network that requires use of a http(s) proxy to access the Internet i.e. to Sync to a webdav.server there. I believe that the Security assessment should be up to the User / Company since they are using this architecture in the first place. I would therefore request the issue to be followed further.


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May I ask a question? Have you managed to get WhatsApp to work behind a corporate proxy?

WhatsApp Web works fine. The Desktop App I can not install

WhatsApp Web works, the Desktop is not installed but I`ll try for you... :wink: