Sync / Backup / Export / Import plugins and their configurations

Hi @laurent

With mobile app supporting plugins now (limited), is it still not possible to implement a sync solution of plugins and their configurations ?

It would be a very helpful feature so that user dont need to remember list of plugins and all of their configurations when re-installing, or when installing in multiple devices.



I had to switch from my linux box to my work mac today meaning a fresh install of joplin. I synced my data from webdav but then saw that none of my plugins were there. Installed note tab and though, hey, joplin should really remember what plugins were installed last and give me the option to selectively re-install them in new instances along with their individual configs.
I opened an issue on the joplin-note-tab github project for this as well

Yes yes yes! @laurent you may remember I have asked you about this (in person!) before, this would be super helpful, and with the limited plugin support in mobile I think it may be even more relevant now!

For the backup plugin it would also be great if there was an API to save the settings. Of course, there must then also be an import path again.

It would also be great for some plugins if certain settings could be synchronized across devices. Like the meta data for notes.