Switched sync methods - no tags on any other Joplin but the first

Joplin 1.0.233 Portable on Windows 10 64 build 2004 (3 PCs)
Joplin 1.0.336 on Android (2 Phones)
Not sure what log I should provide from which device

I decided to switch sync methods from File System in a Google Drive sync folder to OneDrive. I stopped all clients, deleted the Joplin on the cell phones and removed the Joplin Portable profiles on the 2 secondary PCs. I decided to do this to avoid conflicts or potential duplication of notebooks.

I setup OneDrive sync on the primary PC and got it logged in and synced… All is good, I have all the tags. All the notes, everything is as it should be.

For the second and third PC I started Joplin one at a time - a fresh profile was created. I setup OneDrive sync and synced the content. On ALL devices after the first NONE of the tags came through. Neither the 2nd or 3rd PC, neither Androids. The tags column is completely blank.

What did I do wrong and how can I fix this? I have hundreds of tags. They ALL show on PC #1, NONE show on any other device.

EDIT: I also have Joplin Portable on a USB drive. I stopped Joplin on my main PC. Inserted this drive and deleted the Joplin Profile on it. I started Joplin, it created a fresh profile. I setup sync and allowed it to complete. Again, NO tags on this Joplin either.

Well, 2 days later and the tags finally appeared on all the rest of the devices.