Error syncing on Android

I’m trying to migrate from OneNote to Joplin.

I have OneNote, Evernote and Joplin (version 1.0.218 (prod win32)) on Windows 10.
I have moved my notes from OneNote to Evernote, exported them and imported them to Joplin desktop with no problems.
I sync them to my server using WebDAV, again with no problem.
I’ve installed Joplin (version 1.0.331) on my phone (Android 10).

When I try to sync it says:

Deleted local items: 3.
Fetched items: 316/323.
Completed: 14/06/2020 1823
Last error: [object Object]

The debug report from my phone can be found here
The notes (art least most of them) seem to have been downloaded but there are no tags.
Any help in resolving the above problem will be appreciated.