Surround selected text with Emphasis

At the moment it’s possible to surround (in the editor) the selected text with parenthesis or quotes by selecting part of the text and pressing one of the following characters ( [ " or '. For example in a sentence

Feature requests and support

one can select the word requests and press ( which results surrounding this word with parenthesis:

Feature (requests) and support

It’s extremely useful because it speeds up editing notes.
Why not to extend the supported types of surrounding to the following characters:

  • * italic
  • ** bold
  • _ italic
  • __ bold
  • ` (code block)

Seems quite obvious extension in my opinion

This is possible already by using the hotkeys for each function.

  • Ctrl + i for italic
  • Ctrl + b for bold
  • Ctrl - ` for code (single line and multiline)

I wouldn’t expect this to be added as you suggested because there is already a standard/intuitive way to get the same behavior.

You’re right however in my opinion it’s something different. I was talking about covering the other cases of markup features not about adding additional hotkeys. Ctrl + I and Ctrl + B are pretty straightforward but I don’t think many people are conscious of Ctrl + `.
On the other hand why surrounding the selected text by (), {} or [] is done my way instead of pressing Ctrl + (, Ctrl + { or Ctrl + [ respectively ? It’s somehow inconsistent, isn’t it?

I see your point, the consistency would be good. Personally I have the auto-pairing of braces disabled so I didn’t get the appeal right away. This could probably be added to the auto-pairing of braces.